Key Points

Rapidfs are a way to get money quickly and safely, even the paystubs too. The card is widely used as it promotes the concept of digitalization to a good extent. The official Rapidfs Login portal can be accessed at the URL This login has been providing numerous services to the users that are extremely beneficial for them.

Key Points About Rapidfs

Some key points that a user needs to stay aware of while using the online portal are listed hereby.

  • No credit check is required to register yourself on the official activation portal. All you need to do is verify your identity and give your acknowledgment regarding the fact that you are a legal US citizen.
  • You can sign in to your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by accessing your account online on the official portal.
  • You can obtain your password or user ID through the links on the main login page.

The Rapid! PayCard can be obtained from your employer or the Human Resources department of the company. It becomes important for you to note that the official portal is accessible in the online mode only.

You can also activate the card at by following the instructions explained in our article to activate the card.

After activating your Rapid Card, you can use it for various purposes that can make your financial life less complex. You can do all of this with this card, from paying your grocery bills to withdrawing cash from ATMs. Also, getting your monthly salary is less tedious after enrolling at portal.

The RapidFS portal can be used at the website address If you are using this portal, you are giving yourself a chance to avail of the numerous services that are accessible to the registered users specifically.