Add Money

To enroll for Rapidfs, reach out to your employer. The company’s HR department can also help you to get this particular card. All the registered users can access the Rapidfs at URL After getting this card, you need to activate this to use the offered services.

Adding Money In Rapidfs

Now, the question is, can you add money to your Rapidfs Card account? And the simple answer is yes.

You must be aware of the fact that your employer offers the card. If you change employers, it doesn’t mean the card will not work for you. You can also use your card after changing jobs. After signing up for the service, you can also make direct deposits.

The Rapidfs can also make other direct deposits, including military pensions, income tax refunds, and social security benefits. You can also deposit directly by reaching out to the customer service team. If you don’t want to call them, you can go to and sign in to your account to complete the necessary steps.

In short, Rapidfs is an extremely secure option to make any financial transaction. Using this card, you never have to carry cash or worry about receiving your monthly pay stubs.

Thus, if you have not received your card, you should immediately reach out to the HR department. The customers can quickly request the card in the online mode also. You will receive an application form that you can complete and submit. After receiving your card, you can activate the same to access all the offered services.

The login services of the official portal are available at Rapidfs are accompanied by numerous financial services that are available, particularly to the registered users.